Nevada to ban edibles?

 Apr, 12 - 2017   no comments   news

If you’ve ever tried a cannabis edible then you will know how many pairs of socks it will blow off you!

Nevada has recently talked about making a ban on these highly potent forms of cannabis use when sugar is involved. I quote “Senate Bill 344 would ban edible marijuana products with added sugar”. This means there are exceptions for baked goods such as the popular brownie.

In a more agreeable move they have voted to ban any sweets that cater to the child in us. Such as the popular gummy bear edibles. Whilst these designs were fun and full of nostalgia, we can not argue that they are appealing to children a little. Personally I feel that everyone should have access to marijuana for medicinal reasons, but unless necessary, a child should not be using any mind altering drugs.


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