Finding the best Bongs for Sale online

bongs for sale

Every week or so I get an email from a reader who has seen my bong collection and wants to try using a pipe for themselves, but where should this person start looking?

First of all; Welcome to the bongers club my friend! Once you’ve selected your new water pipe you are sure to fall in love with the sound of smokey bubbles ripping through the water.

Let me begin on our journey of finding bongs for sale.

Step 1. Locate a good store for your purchase.
A quick google search will bring a list of vendors who are ready to serve you

Step 2. Spend some time browsing their range
Try to focus on appearance and what visually appeals to you, don’t worry about the ganja jargon! There are many different names for things that mean the same thing. The only paticular word I would look out for is ‘percolator’. You can see these at

Step 3. Check the stats
You want a thick glass wall (4mm+) or a durable type of plastic (acrylic). There are a few other materials out there but these are the most popular due to their properties.

Step 4. How high should your pipe be?
I mean height, not stoned! If you want small hits, get a small pipe. If you plan on going hard then it makes sense to get a bong that can hold more smoke and water. Or go for a mid sized one and just meet in the middle. There are many different shapes on offer these days, some more discreet than others.

Step 5. Make the damn purchase already!
Many bongs are not exactly available in mass, so don’t wait around and risk it going out of stock as it may not be coming back!

Now there can be more to consider if you wish to really make a big deal over this, but as long as you go to a good shop when viewing bongs for sale, such as & bongs for sale online –, then you will end up with a quality piece regardless. You should probably also check the local laws on drug paraphernalia.